Friday, July 19, 2013

My first make of fondant

So here are some of my try on fondant that i made. So u can clearly see the improve version...hehe
First made oways not perfect but i believe that practices make perfect!

Friday, July 12, 2013

First try Rolled Fondant

Normal cakes are no longer a trend nowadays. Cakes also can have many style and decorations now. In 2D or 3D. So here comes my curiosity, ppl used to make a 3D cake with fondant decoration. SO, I'm so into to try out the fondant by myself instead of buying the ready made fondant.

Kick start~ i googled for fondant recipe, but it returns a large result..hmm which one should i pick??? I didnt manage to pick from web, so at last I picked a simple rolled fondant recipe from recipe book and modify it.

i dont have any of the ingredients on my hand, so i went to bakery supplier shop with my sis and bought all the ingredients and tools. FYI, if you looking for cheap and affordable ingredients & tools Bakery of Yen would be one of your choice. They have few branch but the one we went was located at Bandar Puteri Puchong. They really have a lots of variety ingredients & tools... whatever you need is all there!

Well, i oways tot fondant is note easy to knead out. Perhaps, you should have try on your own and its actually not that hard. I've try my very first fondant. Here's the ingredient i use.

  • 1 tbsp Gelatin Powder
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 1/2 cup Glucose syrup
  • 2 tbsp Shortening
  • 1 tbsp Glycerine
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla essence
  • 900g Icing Sugar (sifted)

1. Add gelatin powder to a bowl, mix well with water, boiled over a double boiler until gelatin melted smoothly, add in glucose syrup,glycerine and shortening and mix well. Removed from heat and leave the mixture cool until luke warm.
2. Pour half of the icing sugar on a pan, make a whole in middle and stir in the gelatin mixture.Mix in the sugar bit by bit until stickness dissapear.
3. Knead in the remaining sugar until the fondant is smooth. Until the fondant is not feel sticky on your hand, means its ready!
4. Wrapped you fondant with wrapping paper and ready for use.

SO here how it looks like. You can add in the color to make you fondant colourful. It is suggested to use oil based or gel based food colouring so it wont cease the mixture.

Plain Fondant
Coloured Fondant

Thats all for my fondant recipe~ will come up next for my fondant creature! ^^

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Start New Life New Beginning!

It's been a while since last update! Here I am Back again!!!!
Will be continue to write here as i'll be having more free time for myself!
Stay tuned for my post and it's gonna be fun & interesting blog!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

R.O.M 20121222

22 Dec 2012 marks a memorable and important to me.
Finally, we have tied the knot on today witnessed in Thean Hou Temple!
It's just a very simple ceremony but means a lots to me. We went through every single moment, hard and easy  together. And its now we are tied up to become life partner forever.

I still remember the day you proposed to me in Fukuharu restaurant, one of my favourite Japanese fine dining restaurant. Although it were no longer available but its really touched moments for me.

You took my words and really "born" a new pooh bear named Nono for me! together with my fav lily!
Hun's ordered 6 course meal for our dinner. Sound cool yea...we ever heard course meal in western restaurant but this is japanese restaurant. No doubt the food is really superb!

Back to my ROM, i din invite many ppl just some closed friends of mine, of coz others are relatives. Waited whole morning since 9 until 11 only reached our turn. a normal procedure, and it tooks only < 10 minits to finish

Since i wont have really big reception or neither do i want it , so i preferred to have many many photos as my memory keep. So i asked a favor from my friend to help me catch up some photo for my ROM. I loved the photo really a lots. As usual, after the ROM, we have an simple appreciation lunch just at near by Robinson Height restaurant. Unfortunately it wasn't really a pleasant lunch as my choice of food were not decided by me at all which is really grrrr!!!!! oh well....just forget bout it! nth much to talk bout/comment for.

This called up the year of 2012 for me and welcoming 2013 with total new life.

Monday, August 20, 2012

After a while~'s quite a long long time i never been up to here...never notice blogspot has a new interface new platform for the posting. Look similar to wordpress. hmmm...

Today is PH for Raya and i'm here again~ well as usual, i'm still at work on PH. But this kind of working life gonna end soon in 2 weeks time. I'm going to start my normal working life where work only from Mon till Fri 9-6pm ; PH and weekend off~ yesh! finally after 1 and 8 months torturing in this department. Facing the sickening boss. sigh...i'm glad my degree of tolerance has improved till max although i still get in crazy for sometimes.My first job and the first company i have stay up for 2 yrs, in DELL. I'm going to change my field to a different field. I came by as a Tech support as entry level after i graduated. Gone into a security field which i can say that not really so security at all for the past 1 yr ++ in this department. Too many issue happens, to many argument, management sucks till max~. I'm glad i'm leaving before the next changes in the department.

Frankly speaking, i like DELL, but not in terms of work environment or money wise, but in terms of the memories and friends i make here. I have a great memories and great friends here. I will definitely missed this place after i left. Teams here are keep changing and changing for the pass one years. Many frens has left and pursue a better opportunity outside. What i can say is I'm glad to have this company as my stepping stones and give a better explore in different field. I've been in technical for 2 years. Tech really not my cup of tea. I still prefer more on paper work. ans thanks to my new company give me this great chance for me to explore in Security assurance which deals more on auditing. So I'm changing field as i wished.

It's quite a heavy heart for me to make my decision when they called me up. I enjoyed the time here provided if i can change department. My life was screw up coz of the boss that know nth at all and never know how to manage. too selfish and ego and turn the team members into a sand. Life still young, its good for you to explore, try new stuff and test new thing. To jump up your market price, get a better work life and explore urself and gain more experience. There is non stop learning in our journey of life. When you stop, you will never growth. I learnt up many thing bout life principles here. How to survive in a big organisation and how to improve your future life.

Anyhow, i will still missed this place with all the memories i have in here. counting down 2 weeks to a new environment, new work life. I appreciate everything that have been thought to me for this 2 yrs.

The simple truths of Appreciation : 
How each of us can choose to make a difference.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Phuket Day 2

Wake up in the early morning and having our breakfast at the hotel.
We need to rush for the shuttle at 9:30am phuket time to go to the center of Patong Beach.
Well, get ready for all and waited for the shuttle..
We asked the driver to stop us at Jungceylon shopping mall.

When you're here, you're realise the lifestyle here is a bit slow.
Unlike KL is super duper rush. By 10am phuket time, you still seldom can find any shoplet in shopping mall is open yet.
They are start operating at 11am Phuket time where our times is already noon time..lolz
we hang around at the Rha-that-ui road ...nth much to see as there are popular for the night light.
Whole road is bout pub and club..=.=..
early morning exercise there...sweating and the mall yet to open =.=
at last, we both decided to take a seat at StarBuck while waiting the mall to be open..hahaha..
one funny thing, if you wan to use wifi at starbuck here, it is not free...
counted by need to pay..

wait n wait n wait...ah finally...
Mall is open...
is quite a large mall here, but nth much to see..hahaha
at the other side of the mall is all bout restaurant and cafe..
but the view is nice inside..
there's a big sale on the mall . so hanging around to see...
the electronic here is so damn cheap..with less than rm900, you can own a dslr here dy.
since is already noon time at our time, supposingly to go for lunch first but due to the lousy of our body, we're both exhausted and too tired to eat.
So we hunt for a massage for our leg... we come at Montra Thai massage..
i choose 30 mins foot massage and medicure..
hun's choose for 1 hour foot massage.. cheap... 200baht for medicure, 250baht for 1 hour foot massage and 180baht for 30mins foot massage.
foot massage is nice for a tired leg than walk so much...haha
enjoying our time at montra thai massage, kinda relax...
one thing in this mall is their facial oso cheap, 299baht-320baht...and its surely full of ppl...
but i'm not that like facial so i didnt go for it..
after massage, time to fill in stomache..once you come out from the massage, its the foodcourt dy..
hahaha...everything in this foodcourt you need to pay with cash card..
the so called cash card~ its actually a preloaded money card , you can reload any amount you want, extra will be return..
what we order...dono what mee is this but very nice ..cost 120baht..=.=
Mango rice 70baht...
nth much to do here after eating, so we thinking to head back to hotel take a rest and come out again at night.
before we take the tuk tuk, we saw this..queuing up so long...
oso dono what this called..but its really nice...we dabau and put everything in..hahah..since we dono how they mix it oso so we mixed all..:p

There the bad things happen when we reach hotel...
stupid hotel has no aircon again! its again in the super duper hot weather at 4pm sthg..
was plan to have a good rest before the night life start but~~~
called the front desk and the technician come saying the aircon has ice due to too cold and need wait the ice to melt then ok dy...
hello..its your prob giving such stupid aircon and now u expect me to stay in the hot room with both of us sweating like hell to wait for the ice to melt?!
i'm paying for it should fix for us...we were not on the aircon ever since early morning 7am when we woke up. its more than 6 hours there and u said need wait 1 hours for it to melt..
do you think it will melt for 1 hours later? 6 hours oso its not melt lo..somemore the aircon is off since morning!

I cant bear with the hot weather and needless to say my hun..
he went and look for the frontdesk and get the manager to settle the prob..
the manager is a russian...funny thing, there is no room left in the hotel, unable to change..
no wonder la so good to upgrade to lousy executive room..=.=
don k..there is no reason to keep us in there for more than 1 hour without aircon...its hot!
so another deal, upgrade us to another branch Bamboo club for deluxe room without any charge.
of coz we accept the deal, and change asap.
can bear with the hot weather somemore in the hot room..

Bamboo club is another branch hotel which is more classy and expensive.
of coz the view and environment is much more nicer..
the room is unique too...looks like a villa from outside view..hehe..
ok great, first thing go in the room, on aircon, take bath and rest..
see wasted another half day due to the stupid hotel again!

Night comes and we're so excited to watch the aqua show ~ Simon Caberet!
woo hoo! i so like the stage show...when you look at the aqua, there are really prettier than the real woman..gosh!
too bad no photos allowed ...
but after the show they are queing up outside for photo shooting...
my bad camera keep shaking when trying to snap their pics..
ugh..crowded like hell and those ppl doesnt care u at all keep pushing pushing~
u can take pic with the aqua with a tips for 40baht per aqua per person.
haha...clever right, earning extra money..
after the show its already ard 1030pm...we head back to hotel and call it off the day..

Phuket Day 1

After a long work, ts time to have a short gateway...
We chosen Phuket as our trip for our anniversary as well.
Although i don like Air Asia, but since the voucher was given by Air Asia, so we used it to book our very first trip to Phuket to celebrate our anniversary. hehehe...

Anyway, the first two days wasnt that good for us due to the stupid hotel.
As usual, we will find the hotel that have good review to book, to ensure we have a pleasant trip ma.
So we booked Bamboo beach hotel and Spa. It is a boutique hotel.
Well, while we reach, everything seems good and fine, untill we checked in.
The receptionist said they have upgraded our room to executive room while we booked the deluxe room.
Oh well , watever... the room is so damn big and somehow is too big for just both of us.
Once i step in , i don really have good feeling and don really feel comfortable.
So guess what, yea the aircon is not working at all!
We been in room to rest and the aircon has been switch on for 3 hours yet the room is still warm and both of us were sweating like hell!
Ok, called the front desk to check, then they get the technician which arrive only after 40 minutes! again sweating like bathing!
Then he go and check, OMG, the aircon has no gas ady, thats y so hot!
what the hell, dont they suppose to check everything before letting customer in?!
wasted my first half day coz of the aircon, fine! after fixed the aircon, finally there is some coolness feel in the room~
There goes my half day already... we were both super tired and the weather is extremely hot in Phuket.
So we take a rest in hotel and ordered a room service to fill in our stomache before we go out at night.
Too tired until no energy to eat so we order one set only, pineapple fried rice.
No doubt the fried rice is quite nice, of coz la..cost 200baht, u say nice or not? lolz...

The time in phuket is one hour later than Malaysia time, but the weather there is exactly same with Malaysia time. Its already all dark during 7pm Phuket time.

So, we get prepared and waited the free shuttle tuk tuk from hotel to the Ocean Plaza at Patong Beach. the so called tuk tuk is actually the modified version of the four wheel car at malaysia.
Or some others is the small lorry like that. They modified it so can become a taxi to fetch ppl at the back side. haha.. FYI, there is the flat rate for all tuk tuk, within Patong beach no matter where you want to go at Patong, it is 200baht. =.=

Ok, so there is ony 1 shuttle and we need to packed and squeezed together in the tuk tuk..=.=
Well, it tooks around 20 minutes drive to the Ocean Plaza. Once reached, first thing is to fill our stomache first.

We walk and walk to find some food and finally we walked into a soi and found Orkid restaurant.
Seems like not bad and this restaurant got some reviews. There are quite many customers there..
oh well.,don care much as we r so dmn hungry dy. went in sit down and order.
We order tom yum kung, green curry chicken, butter squil and 2 lemon juice and lemon shake.
This meal caused us 570 baht, to say nice, nah! not really nice. Bad night for our first day, in the midst we having our dinner, theres come the heavy rain..=.= shit we don have umbrella,so?
sit to wait the rain stop...

once the rain stop, we walk back to the same old plaza and buy some snack back to hotel, just in case hungry at midnight ..
the grocery here are super cheap la...haha...many cute snack and drinks..
for the small bottle of dove hair shampoo only 20bath..lolz...where to get this price in M'sia?? XD

so after finish buying, we go a short walk since still got 1 hour for the shuttle back to fetch us.
By the time we reach hotel, its already there's gone our 1st day, wasted due to the hotel n the weather..=.=

Sunday, October 30, 2011








Tuesday, September 27, 2011


its been 2 months plus since my last post..
have been really really busy all this while..
so long time did not up here for blog.
Working life is super diff with Uni lifes..
Uni lifes just too much time until dono how to spent .
everyday gaming, blogging, dreaming..
working life, time is totally not enuf and i need time time time !

and i need vacation also!

oh well...August is quite a memorable month for me..
my dear dear bday we went for Tiger & Huang concert at genting arena of stars..

After one month, we went to Jeff Zhang concert. we bought the ticket with 30% discount for GPWP promotion. super duper worth the money ..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~I'm tired~

As title..i'm tired..
Feel like hmm..what i'm fighting for..
I've been miss out many of the fren's outing/gathering quite some times..
reason why? becoz of work...
Not tat i really love to work..but just an environment need and force..
i found out no matter how much I earn, it will never been enough.
Of coz, ppl will ask how come not enough, save a bit sure enough la..
yea yea..i know that...but for a whole family, my salary is just so little to cover..
i've work on my best my hard to earn more extra but yet still its not enough..
I'm tired inside out..I'm envy see everyone can spend watever they want with their earning.
But i cant touch all my savings at all..i need to keep all the savings for cover my family.
cut off my rental,utilities and car, i really have not much left..somemore ptptn loan ..haiz..
How good if i can have magic to pop up some money..
I'm not the eldest but my job is the some others eldest suppose to do..
instead of me~ i'm not understand sometimes why it is me the one carry all the burden.
Anything happen, i'm the first in contact.
I really wish my home eldest one can get a real job as soon as she could.
Help to cut down my burden, help me to share my burdern but NOT to increase my burden.
1 feeding 4 is very hard for me please! i'm really tired..i wish i can sit like home as you.
not to work without day and night...
I really dono where can i get such amount of money to support, my salary is limit every month..
If she could think, then i'll be easier..perhaps nope...
Sometimes people say, experience makes ppl grows but why incident pull someone down till so terrible?
Is that an excuse for life to! it should not!
Please god, help me to wake this gal think of her family...
if she not change, then i'll be the one in last go to the end coz of forces.
I seriously need a rest and not to work extra and extra to cover you all and neglect myself.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kuching Here I'm Back

Cant wait Tuesday to come!
I missed home so so much than u can ever think!
Its been a long time i din step in Kuching dy.
busy work work work and work !
Now i'm so excited!
Counting Down 2 Days~ I'm Back to KUCHING!

Monday, May 30, 2011

~Vacation >> Penang~

After a long work..its time for me to have a vacation.
Oh well, due to the $$$ consideration, we are having a short trip to Ipoh - Penang.
This trip is really full with fun and also foodssssssssssss...
Owh~~~ gaining plan failed again! urgh~
All the way to Penang is only food food and food..
so can imagine how much i gained from the trip..weight!
People always said picture talks more..
so lets the picture to talk on our trip..:p

Our day starts with Gurney drive.
So we went to Gurney and have our very first brunch at Korean BBQ.
Becoz lazy of finding food so we just simple went in any restaurant.
first time bbq together with hun..hahaha..all meats...gonna fat siao liao..
Lunch meal RM22.90 per person. Add on 3.99 unlimited drinks.

Around evening time, hunting for dinner.
Well..not getting to the Food street behind the Gurney as we both tried it before.
So we head back to hotel to rest before hunting for dinner.
We were staying at Hydro Hotel at Batu Ferringhi. Beach side hotel.
The hotel is quite cofortable and big for a superior room...
every room is attached with a private balcony..not bad huh..hehe..
After the rest, we go out hunt for dinner at hawker..
trying to find the famous hawker at Tanjong Tokong and we got it !
Lets see!

The food court is just nearby roadside, u can found the Tanjong Tokong food court easily.

Yummy Char Kuey Teow RM 4

Medium Fried Oyster Small RM 6 Medium RM 8

Kangkung Sotong RM10


BBQ sotong RM 6/5pcs

This is fully fill up our tummy..
and its super nice!!!

You sure gonna find it and try it out when you go Penang.
Its located just after a traffic light pass by Island Plaza.
And not to forget try out the belacan chicken there..its good!

Thats for the part 1 now...Part 2 coming up! ^^